Restaurant Technology, Mobility, and Networking Solutions

Deliver quick and convenient customer dining experiences.

Give customers speed and convenience without sacrificing quality. Our technology solutions can optimize your quick service, fast casual, and casual dining operations so you can consistently deliver speedy and satisfying dining experiences.

Improve operational efficiency and minimize downtime.

Ill-fitted or outdated technology can lead to sluggish operations, equipment failures, delays in service, customer loss, and more. Staying current with the latest technology and maintaining it’s health can optimize operational efficiency and protect your restaurant from downtime.

Recommended Solutions

  • POS systems/peripherals
  • Digital menu boards
  • Drive-thru technology
  • Kitchen display systems
  • Front of house/Back of house infrastructure (PC’s, secure servers, printers, etc.)
  • New restaurant openings & project management
  • Onsite/remote integration services
  • Same Day/Next Day Onsite & Depot maintenance services
  • Preventative maintenance services
  • 24/7 Level I & II Help Desk support
  • Remote support services (imaging, configuration, remote monitoring)
  • Hardware inventory management

Service more customers quickly and efficiently.

Service more customers faster without drop in quality. Our mobile and self-service solutions allows your team to cycle more orders and keep the lines moving – all while delivering fast, convenient, and customized dining experiences.

Recommended Solutions

  • Self-service ordering options (kiosks, tablets, etc.)
  • All-in-one mobile POS solutions (drive-thru, on the floor, offsite events, etc.)
  • Mobile POS peripherals (mobile receipt printers, mobile payment terminals, etc.)
  • Pay-at-Table options via table-side tablets & secure payment solutions
  • EMV & Contactless Payment capable CC terminals
  • Secure wireless network services (installation, configuration, cabling)
  • Wireless access points & networking devices
  • Onsite/Remote integration services

Maintain PCI compliance and protect sensitive data.

Leaks and exposure of critical data like customer payment information often lead to direct financial loss, a tarnished reputation, and mistrust from the public. Explore our secure technology solutions and minimize instances of vulnerability in your technology footprint.

Recommended Solutions

  • Onsite Same Day Service plans
  • Key injection services
  • EMV & Contactless Payment capable CC terminals
  • Configuration services for secure staging, imaging, and setup
  • Secure wireless network services with integrated firewalls & access points
  • BOH technology upgrade/overhaul

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